Wedding Ceremony of Gina + Nick

Wedding Ceremony of Gina + Nick

There’s been many wars in our time.

Vietnam. The Napoleonic Wars. World War Z.

None, however, have been as devastating as the one between Melbourne’s north and south - otherwise known as the ‘cardigan wars.’

Many have been slaughtered and it’s resulted in the loss of hundreds, if not millions, of cream bagels.

I’m glad to say this war came to an end following the marriage of Gina (north) and Nick (south) last Saturday afternoon.

What a darn lovely duo.

The wedding / peace treaty went down at Panama, which is officially my home ground of weddings. I think it’s my fifth or sixth there.

I automatically hit it off with Nick due to shared sympathy – we both support the mental mind screw that is the Melbourne football club. He found me after the blatant advertising on my podcast #glovesgrumble

As for Gina, well, that was easy. Gina’s awesome – she’s so easy to get along with and is the Calibri font of the catering world.

Gina and Nick came together through a combination of modern technology and the mighty fightin’ Tubb siblings. God bless you guys.

Initially things between Gina and Nick wasn’t all sunshine and donkey rides through the county fair.

Gina forgot her wallet for their first date (some believe, not including myself, deliberately). Nick paid for every drink, and at the end of the night went straight from Naked For Satan to the Centrelink line.

Despite this minor slip-up, it sparked a trail that led them to moving in together at the ‘loft’, an establishment which had no toilet, electricity or running water.

They soon ventured abroad together and made an indelible impression on all of Europe.

They loved it. And the locals loved them, too.

There’s actually a small town in Lithuania called Druskininkai which has a statue of Nick and Gina in their town square.

Pretty amazing stuff.

This is a couple that don’t let life pass them by – to sit on the couch and look through the window where the sunny day awaits.

And their ceremony certainly had that feel about it. Awesome, awesome stuff.

Well done, Gina and Nick!

By the way, I still have your wedding certificate. Do you want me to drop it off this week? Should probably ask these questions through email, right? Oh dear!

p.s. here’s a nice little memory of the day to leave with…

P.p.s. Christ, how good are The National? Best band of the past decade? I think so.

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