Wedding Ceremony of Georgie + Alan

Wedding Ceremony of Georgie + Alan

Georgie and Alan have life worked out. Clocked.

Perfect relationship – tick. Perfect house – tick. Dirty Dot as their Mum / Mum-in-law – tick.

The setting of their ceremony is Montrose. Man, I can’t say enough about how much I love this area. It’s gorgeous – the type of place where professional race horses retire to stud.

Al and Georgie are an extension of their surrounds – warm, lovely, chilled, and with just a hint of fresh eucalyptus.

Their relationship started via a setup. I know – the dreaded setup. Sometimes I think setups are more so for the people organising it than the actual prospective lovers.

But this one was different. It went great. And a big well ‘Dunn’ goes out to the Dunn siblings for making it happen.

I’ve never met any of Alan or Georgie’s ex’s. I never will (probably). But I genuinely can’t imagine these two being with anyone else but each other.

It’s like when you saw Christopher Reeve as Superman. You couldn’t imagine a better fit.


After a raucous BBQ where Georgie and Alan got to originally know each other, they spent the next decade carving out a wonderful life of their own.

It’s always been fun – from four-wheel driving in the Simpson desert to climbing Mount Fuji (unaided) to routinely saving each other’s lives.

Their ceremony was a surprise one. Although many of the guests had an inkling prior, it didn’t detract one iota form the enjoyment of the day.

Plus anytime you can indulge in a morning pre-ceremony beer you are always going to be in for a good one.

A special shout out to the crew at will&jac ( – they did an AMAZING job.

It all made for a glorious ceremony for two proper wonderful people. Lovely stuff.

p.s. a big shout out to Dirty Dot. I look forward to catching up for a cuppa. Maybe a scone.

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