Hello there.

My name’s Paul and I’m a celebrant based in Collingwood, Melbourne. 

I’ll be flat-out honest with you – I have selfish reasons for wanting to be your celebrant. 

I dig the stage. As a stand-up comedian I’ve been lucky enough to support the likes of Fiona O’Loughlin and Dave O’Neil. Getting up on stage scares a lot of people. Understandably so. I love it. It’s a thrill.

I love writing. I’m a natural storyteller and have written features for Bernard Fanning, Jimmy Barnes, The Rubens and Gareth Liddiard (excuse me while I pick those names up off the floor).

As a celebrant I get to combine those two things. 

For me that’s like hitting a triple-word score with two q’s and a z. It’s like slapping down a draw-four wildcard. It’s like finding the Gameboy key in A*mazing. It’s like beating Rainbow Road on Mario Kart. It’s like… you get the picture.

I’m Melbourne based. I live in Collingwood but can travel from Mornington to Geelong to the Yarra Valley. I do weddings in Melbourne. I live in Melbourne. I’m repeating the word Melbourne because it’s great for Google search. 

I have some cool features like 'Pimp My Celebrant'. It lets you choose exactly what you want me to wear! I'm also 100% LGBT friendly and hope this law changes sooner rather than later.

I want to be at your wedding and create a ceremony your guests won’t stop talking about. I want to write about how you met, what you enjoy about each other and why one of you snores like a German trooper.

I can’t build a cupboard. I’m awful at fractions. I barely know how to cook a jaffle.

The things you are passionate about in life are the things you do best. 

This is what I do best.

Paul Bonadio – A Stand-up Celebrant
0417 502 921

p.s. Melbourne



Aww shucks. Lots of lovely comments from the coolest couples going around. There's also HEAPS more over at my Easy Weddings page.

I'm blushing over here...


Sarah + John

Paul made us feel relaxed and made us feel like old friends straight off the bat! He made the whole process so easy and so relaxed and produced a amazingly funny and genuine ceremony for us. Paul Bonadio - Stand Up Comedian. Stand up Man. Ten stars out of Five..


Lien + Andrew

Paul was everything we wanted in a celebrant. He was funny, spoke well, presentable and he really took the time to tell our story much better than we ever could. We had so many friends and family comment on how enjoyable and light hearted he made our ceremony. 


Sarah & Ben

Paul was the perfect combination of love and humor. He set the tone early on and straight away had everyone's attention and we've had nothing but... 'your celebrant was the best celebrant we've ever seen' feedback from so many guests! Highly, highly recommended!!!


When I was a kid my dream was to be captain of the Melbourne football club. Now it’s to become the easiest to deal with Celebrant in Melbourne.

Here's why I think I've got a case:


We'll meet. I'll buy you a coffee (aka wine). We'll discuss your ceremony, chat some legal stuff and if you think I'm your guy we'll kick things off!


This is my jewel in the crown - a fully-fledged online builder which allows us to craft your perfect ceremony. No messy Word docs. No pen + paper. I’m pretty proud of it. Can you tell?


I'll finalise the script, take care of the paperwork and deliver a ceremony so tremendous even your mother-in-law will smile. 


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