What if your celebrant can be your best friend?


Or your cheeky brother? Or your next-door neighbour with the heart of gold?

It can be!

My Celebrant Buddy supplies whoever you choose with everything they need to be your celebrant. They won’t need to spend a fortune or study for a year to get their marriage licence.

I take care of all the legal requirements and support them with the rest - script revisions, expert guidance, ceremony templates, music guidance. The works.

And at just $490 it's far, far cheaper than hiring an actual celebrant.

You can roll the dice on a celebrant you don’t know. They could be good, or they could have tumbleweeds cartwheeling across the aisle.

Or you can have someone who’s always been there – someone who knows you best.

And someone who will deliver a ceremony your guests will never forget.

Paul Bonadio – My Celebrant Buddy
Authorised Marriage Celebrant
0417 502 921

  1. You’ll select who you want to perform at your ceremony (e.g. your bestie, your sister-in-law).

  2. Hit me up - then I’ll get you and your partner to fill out the NOIM (Notice of Intended Marriage). We’ll then meet up and I’ll explain some of the processes.

  3. I’ll email your celebrant buddy with everything they need.

  4. You, your partner, two witnesses and I will meet in the week leading up to your ceremony to sign the legal documentation.

  5. Your celebrant buddy performs a commitment ceremony at your wedding. And NAILS it.


Paul will you physically be at our ceremony?

Possibly. If I’m available I’ll be there! But, otherwise, I’ll take care of all legal docs the week leading into your ceremony.

If you would like a celebrant to fulfil all the legal obligations at your ceremony one can be organised at an extra cost.

What exactly is a commitment ceremony?

A commitment ceremony is more of a non-legal, public affirmation of a couple's commitment to one another. At such a ceremony, the words ‘wedding’ or ‘marriage’ must be avoided, and your celebrant must advise that all legal requirements have been taken care of prior.

Do you help with the script?

Yup you bet!


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