Wedding Ceremony of Adriana + Pat

Wedding Ceremony of Adriana and Pat

My weekend of weddings kicked off on Friday night with Pat, Adriana and the second biggest cannoli cake I’ve ever seen.

I’m not much of a sweets guy, but when it comes to the cannoli I’m fully committed, like a toddler with his iPad.

Theirs was a surprise ceremony – my fourth in three weeks. If there’s one trend in weddings it’s the rise of the surprise #trending

Pat and Adriana’s courtship commenced in the gym.


They’re both boxers. And under the guidance of their trainer, 3-time featherweight champ Tony the Cannoli, they have some of the best overhand rights in the business.

Rumour has it Evander Holyfield stalled his comeback because he knew Pat and Adriana were coming through the ranks.

I believe it.

Pat and Adriana are also lovely folk. Isn’t it interesting that those who compete in combat sports turn out to be proper salt of the earth people?

There’s something in that.

Anyway, following Adriana’s first fight and Pat’s fourth – in which they both reigned supreme – they began seeing each other and their relationship blossomed.

A beautifully made spaghetti linguini and a special bun in the oven set things off.

They made things official on Christmas day. And Pat would propose not too long after, despite his plan being thwarted – as they so often do – by his search history.

God damn you, Google.

In the past nine months they’ve gone through more things than most couples go through in nine years.

But it’s their underpinning fondness that has seen them stick fat.

And they’re an awesome, awesome couple, and I wish them all the luck and love in the world going forward.

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