A Stand-up Recap - February 2018

Dianne and Stu @ Oakridge Winery

It all kicked off on a sunny Friday with Dianne and Stu at Oakridge Winery. They met at First Choice Liquor where Dianne had a huuuge crush.

Being a man Stu didn’t catch on. Eventually he did, and they went from vodka to vows in just a few years.

How bad are us guys at picking up cues from gals?? Women are much better at it. My friend Josh in high school had a big crush on a girl. She knew the whole time.

Mostly because she picked up the cues.

And also because I told her.


Meg and Jesse @ Mt Duneed Estate

The next day I ventured down to Mount Duneed Estate for Jesse and Meg. Oh wow – gorgeous couple. Real salt of the earth.

My first meeting with them they provided a three-course meal. I'm still working off the weight now but it was totally worth it.

Meg met Jesse while he was up on stage strumming his heart out.

How crazy attractive are people who can sing? Why is that? The lead singer from Simply Red has bedded thousands of women.

Jesse is handsome on his own accord AND can sing. Even I fell in love with him.

Loved their wedding.


Erica and Daniel @ Panama

The ol surprise wedding! There’s always a little bit of extra nerves. I pretended I was the venue manager.

I berated a few of the waiters and fired one of the chefs; “you call this a filet mignon?!”

It went sublimely. Erica and Daniel didn’t want to be centre of attention. Hence the surprise suited them perfectly.

I’ll see you two at the track sometime 😉 (sorry, inside gag).


Fiona and Ollie @ St Andrews Conservatory

Some people you meet and they are just lovely down to their core. Ollie and Fiona are the perfect proponent. The ceremony got lots of chuckles. And St Andrew’s Conservatory is one of my fave venues. It’s like a home ground.

Before the wedding I was chatting to one of their parents (it may have been an uncle) who was 80 and gave me a few words of advice about relationships.

In his thick German accent he told me the key to long lasting relationship is trust, communication and sex.



Laura and Tim @ The Blackman

Laura and Tim’s wedding went down at this crazy penthouse apartment in St Kilda. Amazing views. Tim was super nervous.

God bless him. He did great. Laura looked amazing.

They knew they were right for each other after getting crazily drunk the night after going to Falls Festival. Wow. If you have been to a festival you’ll know when you get home you’re two stages close to death. And they kept drinking. That’s a huuuge effort.

And it paid massive dividends.


Annelese and Matt @ Greenfields

A big one to end the month! Probably the biggest wedding I’ve sever been to. They had the reception open until one and THEN had an afterparty (I’m suspecting it was at Tramp). So much fun.

I love that. Keep the vibes going.

Annelese is darn lovely and Matt is jacked. Perfect combo. They are awesome.

Lots of Italians there, too. One of them knew my relatives.

No seriously. Uncle Ralph Bonadio from Preston.

Had no idea who he was. Contraception is not a big deal in the Italian community.


Fave photo of the week