The Wedding of Lien + Andrew

Sometimes you meet a couple and you want to become the third party in their relationship. This happened when I met Lien and Andrew. I don’t mind if they don’t love me as much as they love each other.

I’m cool with that.

Their ceremony took place on the ninth fairway at Lawson Lodge Golf Course in Macedon. The gorg factor? Off the charts. The grass was carpet. The lake was, well, amazing. I’m sure I saw a mermaid in there.

Someone later told me the golf course employs her to pick up all the lost golf balls.

I believe them. 

When Andrew first met Lien he couldn’t afford the spare button on his suit pants. All his money went into caring for his Mum and his brother.  He battled through, learnt some code and is now a whizz bang designer at Two Bulls. He’s also very handsome.

He’s a self-made man. And without getting too droopy, is inspiring AF. Most take the easy path with the golden waterfalls and glistening salmon. He’s taken the one less travelled with the overgrown weeds and frisky trolls.

Lien is a simply awesome person and is vigorously hilarious. Five minutes before the ceremony she texted Andrew and I asking; ‘are you weddy?’ 

Shit was lost.

Her fondness for Andrew is beyond reproach. 

On their first date, for example, Lien suggested they make a quick stop to Dan Murphy’s. An anxious Andrew scoured the liquor shop for the cheapest six-pack the $20 in his wallet could afford.

This plan went awry when Lien suggested they grab a slab, as they would be playing Centurion. As Andrew walked into the cool room to grab the slab, Lien clocked on to Andrew’s financial woes.

She quickly paid for the slab and advised the attendant to pretend she was a regular and to put it on her ‘tab’. The attendant agreed.

When Andrew came back and sheepishly reached for his wallet, the attendant turned to Lien to ask if she would like to indeed put this on her tab. She agreed.

Two thoughts went through Andrew’s mind that night.

The first was ‘thank God’. 

The second was how someone as petite as Lien could be such a raging alcoholic.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about these guys. And I’ve already said lots. The best thing about Lien and Andrew is that they literally live 50 metres from my place in Collingwood.

I can visit them all the time! 

Even when they don’t know I’m there….


p.s. I’m way behind on other blogs about the other weddings during January. To my mum Mary Bonadio who reads this frequently, I’m sorry. Thanks for the pasta last night too. It was delicious.