The Wedding of Sarah + John

Last Saturday I ventured to the seaside surrounds of Jan Juc to marry the wonderful duo that is Sarah and John.

It was a gorgeous, intimate affair – a backyard wedding. The house was amazing; three storeys high with a garden path that led out to a small inlet. 

I made sure to park my beaten-up Ford Falcon three streets away. Even then you could still smell the oil dripping from the engine.

Sarah and John kicked off their relationship in the beautiful, romantic-swept city known as Adelaide.

Right from the outset Sarah knew John was her guy. 

Why? Because John’s an old-fashioned type of guy. He digs chivalry.

On their first two dates, John graciously allowed Sarah to pick him up and drive him to the movies.

He also let her pay for both movies.

Conversely, John knew Sarah was the one when she cooked for him the first time.

Sarah served up an undercooked satay chicken sprinkled with salmonella.

John picked up his fork, popped it in his mouth and ate it without hesitation.

True love was born.

Fast forward seven wonderful years later and they’re now married and leaving their successful careers in Australia to tackle new ventures in the US.

It is indicative of their adventurous nature – they prefer a life lived to the full.

They’re beautiful folk who will be a smashing success. 

Good luck and safe travels Sarah and John!