The Wedding of Vic + Sam

Last Friday I had the wonderful privilege of marrying my friend Sam ‘Pots’ Lavery and his super gorgeous fiancée Victoria Alys Small.

I’ve known Sam for two years, 14 weeks and counting. We hooked up (not literally, though he's very handsome so the thought has crossed my mind) on the Melbourne comedy scene. We bonded over a joke about Mario Kart arch nemesis Bowser and have been close buds ever since.

We even do a podcast together (

Montsalvat in Eltham provided the backdrop for the ceremony – it’s a glorious setting which perfectly complements the earthy vibes of Vic and Sam.

It provided ample room for the raucous party in attendance.

I made the mistake of wearing suspenders, which were pretty much abused by everyone. It was all a big laugh at first, but by the eighteenth 'pull and slap' I was left physically and emotionally void. My right nipple still hurts and I now walk with a limp. 

That aside, it was a wonderful, wonderful night.

Vic and Sam met at a place where love often blossoms: Warrandyte IGA. This coincidently was the workplace of the groom’s best man, Paul ‘the Mail Man’ Cookson.

Vic worked the deli. Sam was duty manager. Sam would often tell Vic off for non-business related calls that didn’t create a profit for the business he was managing.

It wasn’t the subtlest of pick-up attempts, but it worked, much like our podcast (

Their first date went sublimely. The second, not so much.

It commenced with a romantic walk along the Yarra. It was interrupted when Sam fell over (squashed) Vic’s dog, Louie.

It got worse when Sam arrived back at Vic’s home, where he electrocuted himself on a fence. He was then attacked by the pet rooster, which many believe was retaliation following the squishing of Louie.

Despite these traumatic beginnings, their relationship blossomed.

Sam and Vic are the type of the people you’re proud to call your friends. They’re a rare commodity. They’ve built something very special.

It's little wonder they are universally loved. I'm pretty sure Elton John is even a fan.

They’re two of the best and I can’t wait to visit them at their home in Blackburn North, which is coincidentally where we record our podcast (

Lots of love #torkandsam


P.s. A shout-out to Vanders and his lead foot girlfriend Chelsea for the ride home. Man, that lady can drift.