My Celebrant Buddy - FAQs

What do I read the script from?

I use an iPad, but you can also use a nice display book with plastic sheets (they are around $5 to $10 from Officeworks).

Should I say anything during the ceremony as to why I’m doing the ceremony (and not a traditional celebrant)?

Yup, you should.

You can say something such as this at the start of the ceremony:

Letting everyone know that I’m not a legal celebrant. All of the legal obligations for <insert name of couple> have been taken care of prior to this ceremony.

If a celebrant is present at your ceremony, you can say something such as:

Letting everyone know that I’m not a legal celebrant. All of the legal obligation for <insert name of couple> will be taken care an actual celebrant who is at today’s ceremony.

Should I do a rehearsal with my couple?

I highly recommend you do. It will help ease the nerves for the big day. Here’s a general guide of what you can run through.


Where do I stand during the ceremony?

You should stand in the middle for the majority of the ceremony, then step to the side for the exchange of rings and kissing.


What’s the deal with music?

You should have someone play the music (either a guest or the venue coordinator).

Here is a good guide for the amount of tunes you’ll need:

  • 10-12 songs for warm up playlist

  • 2 song for walking down aisle (one for walk, one for back up in case it finishes)

  • 3 songs for signing of the documents

  • 10-12 songs for after ceremony playlist


Have you got an example for a script?

I sure do!


Can you look over my script to see if it’s ok?

Absolutely. In fact, I highly recommend you shoot it through for a revision -


Should I use a mic?

You don’t have to, but I highly recommend you do.


Where can I get a PA from?

If you don’t have a PA, feel free to get in touch with me –


What time should I get to the ceremony?

Get there an 45min to an hour before to set up, meet the suppliers and do a sound check.