My Celebrant Buddy - Your Couple's Vows

Welcome to my guide to writing vows!

Before we get stuck into this guide, it’s important to note that you should have cue cards for your couples to read their vows from. You should also hold the mic for them while they are reading the vows.

Here’s a pic of how I do it (though usually the groom in this case will be holding their vows cue card)…


Ok, now that’s done - here’s a great guide for your couples on how to write vows!

Note: This has been written as if I am talking to a couple. Feel free to pass this information to them directly.

Here we go…

My tip is to keep vows short and sharp. And try to add in some details that are unique to you and your partner.

Let’s break it down with a guided example. I'm using my friend and high school crush Kate Jarred as an example. You should probably base yours on your partner. It'll be weird if you start talking about Kate at the ceremony.

1 - Write down three things you love about your partner
a) Kate's quirky humour;
b) Kate's love of Monday Pie Night;
c) Kate's caring nature.

2 - Write a sentence or two on each of those things
a) Humour – I love Kate’s quirky humour, especially in awkward situations;
b) Pie Night – I love how excited Kate gets when she gets everyone together for pie night at the Windsor castle every Monday night;
c) Caring nature – I admire how Kate pays attention to any person regardless of who they are or their situation.

3 – Write down one thing you want to achieve with your partner
I want to spend the rest of my life making sure Kate lives the life she wants to live

Great! Now it's just a matter of elaborating on what you've written. You'll also want to use a very basic structure. In the example below, I've used the three points that I love about Kate and ended it with what I hope to achieve with her in the future:

“Kate, I love the way you make friends and strangers laugh, either intentionally or unintentionally. 

I love how excited you get when all of our friends get together, especially every Monday for Pie Night at the Windsor castle. 

I love how involved you make everyone feel, regardless of the person or their situation. You have a bubbly energy and endless optimism that brightens everyone’s day. 

I don’t want to make any grand promises or massive announcements about our future. I love our relationship the way it is. 

And I can’t wait to spend the next 70 years with you.


Pretty easy, huh? There's a million ways you can do it, but this should provide a good starting point.

Good luck!