My Celebrant Buddy Tip - Example of a Ceremony Script

Now, it’s all well and good being sent help guides and ‘how to’ tricks. It’s another thing actually seeing an example of a ceremony script.

Here’s one of my very early ones, which has been kindly authorised for use by Chloe and Callum - a wonderful couple I married.

You’ll notice most of the lols and good times occur in the first half, before we dive into some of the formalities.

Don’t worry about the content so much. Rather, try and focus on the structure and identify how that works.

BONUS TIP - try and keep ceremonies to under 25 minutes (including signing). Any longer and people start thinking of the food and beers.

2ND BONUS TIP - what you decide to read the script from is totally up to you! I usually use an iPad, but you are also welcome to use a nice folder booklet with sleeves.

Please don’t share this one with anyone :)

And, as per usual, if you have any questions feel free to let me know!