My Celebrant Buddy Tip - Going for the LOLs

Let the good times LOL! Listed below are my three best tips for getting chuckles.

Note - In the below I’ve used some extracts for a script I did for the wonderful Sam and Vic.



Ceremony script extract:

Now, Sam and Vic met at a time before online dating, or Tinder, or any of that. They met a place where young love often blossoms – a beautiful, sweeping establishment known as Warrandyte IGA.

Leveraging surprise is a great way to get laughs. In the above example, I use the sentence prior to build up expectation. By using ‘love often blossoms’ and ‘beautiful sweeping establishment’ it places a certain type of imagery in the audience’s mind.

Hence, the ‘surprise’ is ‘Warrandyte IGA’, which is anything but romantic – it’s a standard, dull, everyday place with huge mark-ups on their avocados.



Ceremony script extract:

Vic’s giving nature is exemplified by her social work. It is also demonstrated – occasionally to the annoyance of her partner Sam – by her willingness to use their home as a sanctuary for lost animals.

At last count, their home currently houses three rabbits, nine chickens, and a panda.

This is an old-fashioned method where you say things in a rhythm of ‘three’, and then leave the last thing you say for the laugh. Sound confusing? I’ll explain. 

You’ll see the last line uses this rule:

At last count, their home currently houses three rabbits, nine chickens, and a panda.

The sentence uses three items with the last one emphasising the ‘punch’. The rabbits and chickens provide the setup, while ‘panda’ brings home the laugh (obviously because of the absurdity of housing a lost panda).

Make sure you keep the ‘punch’ at the end. If you put panda in the middle of the sentence, it would get lost amidst the busyness of the sentence. Also, if people laugh halfway through the sentence, it will lose its impact.


Ceremony script extract:

Jokes aside, Sam and Vic are a rare commodity in today’s world. They’ve taken their time. They’ve built something special. But it’s more about what they’ve built, it’s about the people they are. And the values they hold. They are genuine, kind-hearted people.

The key to getting laughs is to not fire joke after joke. Less is more. You want to let the comedy breathe. If you just unleashed a string of rib-ticklers which has grandma falling out of her chair, you want to follow it up with something a touch more sentimental. 

It is a wedding, after all. And while laughs are amazing, you don’t want to be roasting both of your friends up there the whole time :)