A Stand-up Celebrant 2018 Review SPECTACULAR

This review is dedicated to the Count of Cape Paterson, Simon Van Dam.

He’s not dead or anything. I just really like the guy. Plus, he was the one who originally suggested I become a celebrant.

I had two goals for 2018.

One was to become a full-time celebrant. The other was to finish building the Kinder Surprise toy I’ve had since I started Grade 3 with Miss Pruscino.

I’m proud to announce I’ve achieved both of these goals.

Going full-time was an easy choice. Truth be told I hated the ‘other’ job I had.

My boss would walk past my desk and I’d have three wedding scripts open and Google Directions on how to get to Cockatoo.

Now, with just weddings to focus on, I’m as happy as my Aunty Fay after her seventh coffee.

The first ceremony of the year began with a steaming hot day in Albert Park. I was seeing a girl at the time and she was lovely. It didn’t work out but the ceremony was an absolute belter.

It continued on busily until my final wedding just last week in Daylesford.

I don’t want to take you through Cliché Crescent here, but they’ve all been great. Every single one.

Honestly, I think the whole bridezilla thing is a myth. They’ve all been lovely. And so have the grooms. I think I may have found a few new BFFs. Awww blushes.

Some friends – including my good pal, Ben Pockett – often ask: “Paul, don’t you get bored during the week when there’s no weddings on?”

My response is nope, not really Ben. But thanks for asking.

There’s always scripts to write. Always a couple to meet. There’s always something to do in celebrant lyf.

Plus, I get to ponder life’s true questions. Like, if you brush your teeth when you’re sick, can you still use that same toothbrush when you’re well again?

I’m not gonna name my ‘top five weddings’ or anything like that. Like I said (wrote?) before, they’ve all been equally awesome.

I love the process of always looking at ways to improve my services.

It can be something small I noticed during an initial meeting with a couple that I’ll include in their final script. It can be my My Celebrant Buddy (a service that lets couples select EXACTLY who they want to be their celebrant). It can be adding new outfits to Pimp My Celebrant.

I’ve also been in the wonderful position of mentoring a handsome friend of mine who is becoming a celebrant. It’s been great and really helped to develop our friendship.

He also gives me a substantial kickback on any converted leads I give to him #moneyovereverything

2019 is getting booked faaast and I can’t wait to kick it off. When I look at a full schedule of ceremonies I get as excited as my Aunty Fay after her twelfth coffee.

What I do is a privilege and I’ll never forget that.

I remember a long time ago - maybe eight or so years back - before I started doing stand-up: I was a shy guy… the type of dude who preferred peeing in the toilet stall instead of the urinal trough.

These days I’m the opposite, and I have stand-up, weddings, and the lovely couples I get to meet every single week to thank for that.

I’m psyched for 2019. Almost as psyched as my Aunty Fay after…. ok I’ve stretched this gag as far it can go.

See you in ’19!

With love and LOLs,
Paul the Stand-up Celebrant
0417 502 921

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