March Weddings - A Stand-up Recap (part 2)

Ok, back for part two.

Will it be better than part one? Geez, who knows? I haven’t written anything yet. Sequels are rarely better than the first. Expect for Terminator 2.

Man, have you watched that lately? Sweet flick. Robert Patrick deserved more for his efforts. How good is the mental institution scene where he melts through the bars? So good. So very good.

First, Tate and Melanie. You crazy characters! What a vibe. Melanie suits Tate down to a tee - and no doubt brings him into line.

Loved how Melanie once tried to test Tate’s food allergies.

Tate often complains that his body isn’t able to handle coriander. To put this to the limit, Melanie smuggled coriander into his Bolognese.

With it being so finely chopped, he was unable to taste the difference.

10 minutes passed. Nothing.  Another 5 minutes went by. Nothing.

Then, after a few more minutes, Tate’s cheeks began to itch. His eyes began to puff. His throat swelled up. 

By the time 20 minutes ticked by, his face had blown up like the elephant man.

How good is that?! In the midst of death we are in life. Boy did Melanie put that to the test.

Melody and Michael were another amazing fine couple. They were nervous and I dig that. We always fight against nerves. I used to hate them. Still do. But stress is great for the body. It means you care about what you’re doing.

And Melody and Michael care for each other lots. Like heaps. A cracking ceremony.

It was a beautiful spot in Skye High in Mount Dandenong, too.

I also ventured out to one of the lovelier parts of Victoria (Mornington) for Sam and Simon’s wedding in a gorgeous, urban inspired barn.

Argh! Such cool folks. Their vows were some of the best I’ve heard. They went for that 'back and forth' type arrangement. It can be fraught with danger, but knowing their personalities and the content of the vows the nailed it like a veteran carpenter.

Last but not least, Belinda and Josh Glass. I have a great deal of fondness for Josh – and now even more so for Belinda for putting up with his antics. I went to school with him and he just digs life and loves people.

He’s batting way outside his average with Belinda. She’s the finest product ever to come out of Pakenham High. Even Pakenham in general.

The setting was outrageous. A sunset spraying across St Kilda beach. Argh. Tingles. Absolute tingles.

So, that’s a wrap. I had a week off last week where I attended Melbourne’s wonderful win over St Kilda. It’s lovely to have a weekend free, but I can’t wait to get to Cal and Erin and Cam and Lauren’s ceremonies this week.

What a sweet gig. How lucky am I? Very lucky. That’s the answer. I wish I quit High School and taken this up in year 10. That would’ve shown YOU Mrs Watkins!

Just joking Mrs W I love you. Coffee sometime?