Here's a few more words of praise. Aww shucks!

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Amanda M.

Paul was one of only three celebrants we personally interviewed and we instantly knew that he was going to be the one so we asked if he would marry us? Everybody mentioned how well spoken Paul was and how entertaining the ceremony was. Paul also MC'ed on the day, he was simply amazing.

Ty G.

We really enjoyed Paul's approach. Very casual, as was great on the day. Highly recommend

Sheridan R.

Paul was incredibly professional, right from the get-go. At our first meeting he made the effort to ensure we fully understood the whole 'wedding process', then he got right into getting to know us better. Both my new husband and I found him charming, funny and warm. To us, it felt like we had known him forever. Then - the easy questionnaire! Wow. Paul has set up an incredibly easy questionnaire that not only was easy to complete but made my husband and I laugh and reminisce already. This questionnaire translated into a script that was prepared by Paul (in a super timely fashion, no less - from memory less than a week), which perfectly captured the essence of our relationship. We barely made any edits to it, that's how spot on it was! Paul even attended our wedding rehearsal - even though this wasn't something we agreed earlier. What a legend, On the day, Paul was on time and helped with the boys greeting guests and getting set up. The whole ceremony went off without any hiccups. He spoke so well and every one agreed it was the most heartfelt wedding ceremony they'd been to in a long time. Most people commented that they thought Paul was a friend of ours, that's how well he captured our relationship! Honestly, I can't recommend Paul Bonadio highly enough. JUST BOOK HIM!

David P.

He was really good. He was there on time and early.

Emma S.

My husband and I could not recommend Paul enough! All of our guest were commenting on how special and different he made the ceremony. I all I wanted was for the celebrant not to be stuffy or tell our story awkwardly - Paul was hilarious and told our story better than we could tell it ourselves. If you are planning on getting married in Melbourne, 100% ask Paul to be your celebrant. He is worth every cent and was in communication with us all the way through, making sure we were prepared. He also saved the day when I forgot my fabulous new iPhone 7 didn't have an AUX jack (cheers Apple) so he was able to play the ceremony music on the speaker from his own phone. Thanks for everything Paul!!

Alexandra W.

Paul was amazingly supportive leading up to the wedding and on the day it was like being married by a good friend. Telling a story that captures all the individuality of the couple and delivers it with professionalism, sincerity and humour. He was the icing on our wedding day cake.

Angelica F.

Paul made planning a ceremony a fun and easy experience. The online questionnaire he developed was not only easy to use but helped make sure our ceremony was personal. Paul persevered through the wet weather and delivered a hilarious and memorable ceremony.

Amanda I.

Amazing! The whole experience was fantastic. Very easy working with him. The ceremony was personalised and it was perfect.

Tamara R.

Paul was excellent. We received many compliment on the ceremony from our family and friends who found Paul to be charismatic and entertaining. He also stepped us through the whole process step by step and took the time to get to know us before writing the script for the cerermony

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