The gals and guys below are certified. Scrupulous. Pro AF. When I marry either Sandy, Lucy or the girl at work I jokingly send internal mail to, these are the folks I’ll be hitting up.

I recommend them with a blood oath and a sword across my shoulder. In no particular order...

Something Borrowed

There’s a good reason why Something Borrowed are one of the most in-demand musical duos in the biz. Aside from being supremely talented, they’re great fellas and clearly work out in the gym.

You always know rocking up to a wedding with SB on board that it’s going to be something special. And they deliver every single time.


Well what can I say about these guys, Videoboutique, they're a blast. They have a long history in our Industry and have truly stood the test of time! Over 12 years in fact and a few hundred weddings under their belt. Their huge number of online reviews is a reflection of just how committed they are to their craft. Quality? Hell yeah, professional? Yes they're pretty good at that too. I love working with them and I bet you will too. Contact them in whatever way you know how, they're a friendly bunch I promise.

Fidel & Sarah

Sometimes in this life you come across wonderful humans. These are two of the finest examples I know of. And they are equally talented to match. I LOVE that Fidel and Sarah are left of centre with their tunes (I’d pay good money to hear them cover The National’s ‘About Today’). Highly, highly recommended.

Kim Cartmell






I see Kim a LOT around the wedding scene. It seems every second wedding I do she's there. And for good reason. She knows her stuff. Couples love her. I bet she's a hit with her fam come Christmas time too.

Photographers are something you should never skimp on. There's an oversupply of snappers who will 'get the job done'. Then there's someone like Kim, whose skill and creativity will guarantee a selection of shots you'll dig long after the speeches have been and gone.
0431 483 772

Iconic Pictures

Iconic Pictures (aka Faz) filmed one of my best friend’s weddings. I legit can’t tell you how many people have told me how much they loved his work (you can view it here). Absolutely incredible stuff. Also helps that he’s a lovely dude who truly digs life. A pure pro and a guy I cannot recommend enough.


will&jac are the best wedding organisers in Melbourne. Hands down. Big call, I know - but I’m willing to make it. They’re smart, savvy, on the ball, and have every base covered.

If a tsunami hit they’d still mange to make things flow seamlessly. And they’re just darn good people, too.

Definitely get in touch.



What if your celebrant can be your best friend? It can! No study or course required :)