The gals and guys below are certified. Scrupulous. Pro AF. When I marry either Sandy, Lucy or the girl at work I jokingly send internal mail to, these are the folks I’ll be hitting up.

I recommend them with a blood oath and a sword across my shoulder. In no particular order...

Anthony Cribbes

AC is a staple of the Melbourne celebrant industry. He is to the local scene what Jamie Oliver is to cooking. Richie Benaud is to cricket commentary. Genghis Kahn is to modern warfare.

He doesn’t use a mic. Doesn’t need it. His charisma and charm are more than sufficient. He also loves the Dees – big tick.

An absolutely brilliant celebrant - highly recommended.
0410 494 225

Russ Macumber

You want an all-round amazing guy who is dominating the celebrant scene and life in general? Look no further.

Russ will marry you then be your best friend for life. He is arguably the best reviewed celebrant going around. His couples love him to death. You will too.

He’s also jacked. Not relevant but if a wall falls over at your ceremony he can pick it up with his toe.
0404 515 983

Kim Cartmell






I see Kim a LOT around the wedding scene. It seems every second wedding I do she's there. And for good reason. She knows her stuff. Couples love her. I bet she's a hit with her fam come Christmas time too.

Photographers are something you should never skimp on. There's an oversupply of snappers who will 'get the job done'. Then there's someone like Kim, whose skill and creativity will guarantee a selection of shots you'll dig long after the speeches have been and gone.
0431 483 772


Peter filmed a ceremony of mine and did a ripping job.

Look, my knowledge of videographers isn’t super (my co-worker Gerlee Jones is one and she’s awesome. She does great accents, too) but I know a well-shot vid when I see one.

Pete knows his white balance from his swish pan. His close-up from his long zooms. Also a great fella. Shoot him an email.

Simon And Karl


Ok, heads up – I’ve know these guys since high school. But they’re the shit. Brilliant musicians. 

Simon is my oldest friend in the world. We used to sit at Endeavour Hills footy ground and watch our brothers play over a bucket of chips. Through the training of his wife Stace (Dear Dawn), he’s developed the type of pipes super Mario would love to crawl up.

And Karl. My good gosh Karl. He’s an outstanding muso. I have debates with friends whether he is the best looking guy in Melbourne. He now lives in Kilcunda so he’s definitely the best looking guy there. Probably.