Premium LOLs Package

Here it is - the Michael Jordan of ceremony offerings. The Marcia Brady of the wedding world.

Introducing the Premium LOLs Package.

Look, my usual ceremony offering is great. Outstanding.

But this, well… this is ‘Grade A’ 100% pure Colombian cocaine, ladies and gentlemen. Disco sh*t. Pure as the driven snow.

Your guests will be talking about it until the end of their days, and then into their afterlife, whether that be Heaven, Hell or in the real world beyond the Matrix.

As such, it’s a bit more exy (and sexy). So if you’re still scrounging for CDs at the bottom of Sanity clearance bins, then it might not be for you.

It’s got all the trimmings. Then some gravy. Plus a dash of paprika and a hint of turmeric for that extra punch.

Here’s what‘s included….

  • Three beautifully packaged books of your script.

  • Audio recording of your ceremony.

  • Personal usher and welcomer for guests.

  • Personal souvenir of the script and itinerary for EVERY guest.

  • Unlimited scripts revisions and meetings (and rehearsals).

  • 17% more chuckles.

  • Access to two NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN Pimp My Celebrant outfits, including the rarely sighted Big Boi Bonanza.

  • The standards (legal documentation, microphone + speaker setup, how to guides)

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