Wedding Ceremony of Mika and Kylie

‘I met you 1,310 days ago. and have been completely in love with you… for 1,309 and a half days.’

Can you get a better start to your vows? Amazing stuff.


These touching yet hilarious words from Mika set the tone for hers and Kylie’s wedding in the winding, leaf-filled, wombat dwelling streets of Monbulk.

I love the drive down there. It used to be the home of my ex-girlfriend. A big hello to Lucy if she’s reading.

I’d been looking forward to Kylie and Mika’s wedding for some time. Well, truth be told, I look forward to every wedding. And neither the rain nor the Melbourne footy club’s horrid form would sway my mood.

The setting is the Log Cabin Ranch, and wow - what a belter. I always have a tennis match in my mind about moving beach or bush. This place pushed me to the side of beautiful big trees and sweeping rosellas.

Plus, the beach wouldn’t suit. I can’t swim. At all. My mum took me to swimming lessons for five years and I never got passed stage two.

Kylei Mika Melbourne Wedding

She says it never bothered her… but I know she still hides a secret shame.

Kylie and Mika met in the romantic surrounds of (ehm) Darwin at the Police Games. And between basketballs and boozin’ they met, bonded and fell in love.

They haven’t looked back since, going on more adventures than Indiana Jones. Alaska, Canada, Japan. You name it - they’ve been there.

Their ceremony went really well. Yup - due to rain we had to go inside the barn. But it was just as pretty as anything else. Honestly, the Log Cabin Raunch has one of the best indoor ceremony rooms I’ve seen.

I left that venue with a spring in my step. Meeting wonderful people like Kylie and Mika - as well as their lovely entourage - will do that to you.

And you know? The Dees got up. By five points.

That’s what I call a great day.